Books & CDs by Bart Walsh in Portland, OR

Bart Walsh of Affinity Counseling and Hypnosis in Portland, OR has a variety of products for clients to read and listen to that are available to purchase including:
Anxiety Management
Hypnosis for Surgical Preparation
Pain Management
Substance Abuse
Weight Loss
Emotional Regulation
The Comfort Zone CD
Comfort Zone CD
A self-hypnosis CD designed to help manage anxiety and other stressors while affirming self. Produced and spoken by Bart Walsh, MSW.

Engage a peaceful letting go of anxiety, stress and tension with this self-hypnosis audio experience. The Comfort Zone establishes and environment ripe for developing new perspectives and a greater appreciation of self. Experience a safe way of managing anxiety, stress and tension. Accessing helpful inner resources in this way embraces the power of now and fosters a means of staying more fully present with experience. Enjoy finding your own comfort zone!

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The Missing Link to Successful Weight Loss
book & CD
This book and CD package helps you develop a personalized weight loss strategy that will work for you. You will learn how to communicate directly with the unconscious mind to access resources and determine what plan is really best for you. The unique double induction hypnosis CD employs Ericksonian principles and reinforces healthy change. Written and produced by Annie McKenzie, Ph.D. and Bart Walsh, M.S.W

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Book by Bart Walsh, MSW
This novel approach to substance abuse treatment acknowledges and accommodates the personal needs being addressed by substance use and employs idiosyncratic psychobiological learning to achieve a body-mind gestalt complementary to the substance user's sobriety. A safe framework for addressing any subsequent mental health themes directly or indirectly related to substance misuse is incorporated into this revolutionary strategy. This is different than anything now being applied and yet compatible with and complementary to most conventional treatments.

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Book Foreword Review
Hypnosis for Surgical Preparation CD
by Bart Walsh, MSW
This audio experience is intended to help the listener engage inner resources for confidence approaching surgery and optimal surgical results. numerous studies have shown how specific approaches to surgical preparation employing hypnosis can diminish pre and post-surgical blood loss, reduce post-surgical pain and need for medication, minimize post-surgical nausea and shorten the hospital stay and recovery time. A good attitude going into surgery also has been shown to have a positive influence on surgical outcome.Be sure this will help the questions you have about surgery have been answered before the surgical procedure, as this will help the entire process. Specific sound application are incorporated in this recording to provide maximum benefit to the listener.

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CD Review
by Bart Walsh, MSW
Explore three different approaches to pain management with this CD. After experiencing each approach, determine which method works best for you. Decide what circumstance, situation or type of pain would be most responsive to which pain management approach. With a little practice, develop skills you can apply as needed without this CD. This listening series is about helping you help yourself more effectively.

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Emotional Regulation using Signals of Self
“Bart Walsh has written an excellent primer on modern therapeutic hypnosis that can inform the general public as well as professional psychotherapists, counselors and coaches of all schools oriented to facilitating creative consciousness and
cognition. His case histories and practical approaches to optimizing human performance and stress symptoms resolution are down to earth and free of clinical jargon. He has a clear, compassionate, empathetic way of being and believing in the best of human potentials consistent with the best of current neuroscience research.”

Ernest Rossi, PhD

“Within this text lies a simple means of navigating and managing emotional experience. The interventions present a systemic approach derived from hypnotic protocols and the burgeoning field of epigenetics. The author recognizes that the inner mechanics and the theory supporting his methods are complex and subject to further scientific scrutiny. Yet, they clearly outline a methodology which will be easily assimilated by intermediate and advanced therapist and, especially, those with training and expertise in hypnosis. Health care professionals wanting to expand an individualized and brief approach to helping clients manage their emotional experience should study this book."

Stephen Lankton, LCSW, DAHB, FASCH

Editor-in-Chief – American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis;

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