Quit Your Tobacco Habit with Hypnosis in Portland, OR


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take? How many hypnosis sessions are involved?

For most people two sessions of hypnotherapy is all that is required to become tobacco free. Planning the sessions close together, like two days in a row, work very well for most people. Allow about ninety minutes for the first session and one hour for the second hypnotic experience.

Will I be alert and functional at the end of the hypnotic session?

Yes, you will be fully alert and, most likely, quite relaxed after your hypnosis experience. You will be able to drive a car (if you could before the session, of course- no driving lessons at Affinity) and function as you would normally after the hypnosis session. You may feel a little different after hypnosis, but you will be as fully functional after the session as you were coming into the session.

Will the treatment work better if I use a nicotine patch or Nicorette gum in conjunction with the hypnosis?

No, the hypnosis treatment will not work any better by adding nicotine to the mix. In fact, adding nicotine will complicate matters. During your hypnotic trance you will be accessing psychobiological resources able to rapidly move you through tobacco withdrawal. Your system can do that beautifully without adding more nicotine.