Hypnosis Treatment in Portland, OR

Hypnosis is a common human experience. You likely have not defined as hypnotic trance the experience of day dreaming, or being oblivious to the people and activity around you while captivated by a television program, or driving on "auto pilot" until arriving at your destination, or a child's active play with an imaginary friend. There are many other examples of natural trance states in which automatic functions temporarily take place secondary to unconscious activity. Hypnosis is simply a way to use the trance experience you already have, but in a very focused and goal directed fashion.
Whenever you are functioning in the automatic mode (driving, common routines, listening to something you know well, jogging, etc.), it is quite easy to drift from an alert state into an altered state of consciousness (trance). Various levels of consciousness range from alert to light trance (day dreaming) to moderate trance to deep trance to sleep. Responsiveness to hypnotic suggestion at various levels of consciousness varies greatly from person to person.
Hypnosis using pendulum — hypnotherapy in Portland, OR

What Is Hypnosis

You are in full control of your trance, with the ability to come out of the trance when you choose or move deeper into your hypnotic experience as you choose. In hypnosis, you are simply accessing more of yourself and your inner resources to accomplish whatever goal you have.

Consider hypnosis like two people going for a drive. During the waking state, most of the time, the conscious mind has the steering wheel while the unconscious mind is in the passenger seat working on the lap top computer, getting all sorts of things done. In a trance state or a sleep state the unconscious mind has the steering wheel while the conscious mind watches everything from the passenger seat or sleeps in the back seat or moves back and forth between those positions. It really doesn't matter so much whether the conscious mind is watching or sleeping because it's all happening in the same vehicle.

Learn More About the Unconscious Mind

Hypnosis involves communicating directly with the unconscious mind, rich with so many useful resources. The unconscious mind knows so much about your strengths, skills, abilities and potentials. It has a wonderful production crew able to present a show to you when you go to sleep- so much creative energy in the dream world. The unconscious is aware of your biological functions and can have a great deal of influence regarding what happens in the body. The unconscious knows about the unique qualities and characteristics that make you who you are. By connecting with so much more of yourself you can safely understand and direct so much more of your experience.

Hypnosis is about intrapersonal communication and relationship between conscious and unconscious realms. Hypnosis is also about interpersonal communication between both the hypnotherapist and the conscious mind and the hypnotherapist and the unconscious mind.
The unconscious mind is there to help no one else but you. It holds learning that once required great effort to acquire and now is part of automatic functioning like walking, talking and reading. Opening up a channel to communicate directly with the unconscious affords you a good deal more control over your experience. By connecting with more of your self, you really are securing informed consent regarding the choices available to you.

Hypnosis is a safe and effective tool when used properly.

Commonly Asked Questions About Hypnosis

Will I remember what happens during hypnosis after I come out of my trance?

Different people maintain different degrees of conscious presence during trance. Some people are proud to report remembering everything that was said during the hypnotic session. Others report remembering certain pieces of their experience, but not much else. Some report little or no memory of their hypnotic experience. Without the hypnotherapist even attempting to induce any amnesia, memory functions are quite varied from person to person.

Will I be asleep?

Hypnosis is different than sleep. Developing hypnotic trance places the conscious mind in a secondary position relative to the unconscious mind. If the conscious mind relinquishes its observing presence completely, the experience will feel much like falling asleep. The brain wave activity of sleep typically differs from that of hypnotic trance.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes, hypnosis is quite safe when used with a qualified professional for a mutually agreed upon purpose. At Affinity Counseling and Hypnosis there is an option to have your session audio or video taped for your home review.